Introducing Food and Travel News from Around the World will begin a new feature for our blog.  Starting with this posting, we will begin reprinting information and/or newsletters from chefs, foodies and travel professionals from around the world.  Visitors to the Cape and Islands come from around the world.  Our website users prove that. 

Each month we will provide an opportunity for hospitality mavens to speak directly to our website users.  Some will provide great recipes, others will provide cooking ideas, still others will give you advice on where to go and where to stay and where to eat when you get to wherever you are going.

Our goal is to provide you, the site user, access to information and newsletters from around the world which would be difficult to find on your own.  Marvelous Mavens LLC, owners and,knows that we never getenough cooking tips, recipes and ideas from chefs and foodies as well as hotel and travel information.  We all make time to read one more delicious recipe or one more travel tip to an exotic destination.

We hope that this informational blog post provides you with valuable information and that you will return to our blog each month to discover new foodie and travel ideas from around the world.


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